New joint Head of Research Strategy

We’re excited to announce that Associate Professor Misty Jenkins AO and Dr Jim Whittle will hold joint appointments as The Brain Cancer Centre’s new Head, Research Strategy.

These new positions will work closely with our CEO Sam McGuane to develop a research strategy that is aligned to our research ecosystem and designed to help The Brain Cancer Centre achieve our Vision & Mission.

This will include recommendations to the Research Advisory Committee on strategic research investments, expanding our national collaborative partnerships, funding and global innovation in brain cancer research and clinical trials.


“We’re thrilled to have A/Prof Jenkins and Dr. Whittle jointly accept this important position of leadership within The Brain Cancer Centre. Misty and Jim have both been critical to the early success of our collaborative model, advocating for multi-institutional investments and placing significant emphasis on bringing projects into the BCC that are high-quality science led by highly collaborative and generous research teams. Their combined skillsets and experience across both fundamental research and clinical application mirrors our current research ecosystem which they will leverage to drive the next phase of the BCC’s research strategy.” Sam McGuane, Chief Executive Officer

Associate Professor Misty Jenkins, Laboratory Head WEHI bring a wealth of experience to this new role, a leader in her field, her work spans over 15 years focused on improving treatment options for cancer patients through immunotherapy

“It’s a privilege to collaborate with Dr. Jim Whittle in guiding The Brain Cancer Centre’s leadership. Having been a part of the BCC’s early journey, I am optimistic about championing united efforts in brain cancer research, aiming to positively shift patient outcomes for this devastating disease.  Our path forward requires a diverse and expansive team, and we are unwavering in our commitment to cultivate the upcoming wave of researchers and breakthrough treatments.” Associate Professor Misty Jenkins AO

Dr Jim Whittle, Medical Oncologist Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre & Laboratory Head WEHI brings a unique perspective working as a Clinician Researcher, his focus is on developing personalised therapies for brain cancer, through the advanced investigation of the molecular features of cancer. Most recently Dr Whittle and his team launched a world-first clinical trial Brain Pop, which will enable doctors to precisely see the effect of a new drug therapy on a patient’s brain cancer for the first time.

“I am deeply honoured to accept this joint leadership role alongside A/Prof Jenkins. We believe in the power of collaboration and the pursuit of high-quality, data-driven research. As we step into this new chapter, we are committed to furthering the BCC’s vision, harnessing our collective expertise in both fundamental research and clinical medicine to ultimately improve the outcomes for patients with brain cancer.” Dr Jim Whittle

We’re excited to see the progress these new additions to The Brain Cancer Centre leadership team will make to bring us closer to our vision: that one day no lives are lost to brain cancer.