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The Brain Cancer Centre is a research collaboration designed to drive scientific discoveries in brain cancer. We work closely with a growing group of partner hospitals to translate new discoveries into clinical trial opportunities for patients.

We know that it’s an incredibly challenging time when you or someone you love is diagnosed with brain cancer. The search for answers and information can seem disconnected and difficult. However, there are great resources out there.

Whilst we don’t treat or advise patients directly, we hope that the below links will help you find valuable information from other organizations who are working with the brain cancer community.

We recommend that the treatment team are always consulted about the best options for patients, including accessing second opinions and referrals.

Clinical Trials

As new trials emerge, we will post information on The Brain Cancer Centre’s website, including how treating teams can connect with new trials. Please continue to visit the website and join our newsletter to receive more information.

If you would like to know more about clinical trials, the following websites provide useful information:

Patient Support

These support resources provide emotional and/or financial support to brain cancer patients and their families:

  • Brain Tumour Alliance Australia provides general information for brain cancer patients and their carers and maintains a list of local brain cancer support groups across Australia.
  • Peace of Mind Foundation focuses on helping people diagnosed with malignant brain tumours and providing support, care and financial aid to these patients and their families .
  • Cancer Council Australia has peer-to-peer telephone support service manned by trained volunteers who have had a similar cancer experience .
  • Brainchild provides emotional and financial support to families of children diagnosed with brain tumours.
  • Red Kite provides emotional and financial support for families facing childhood cancer.
  • Superheroes Foundation supports people diagnosed with Glioblastoma and assists their families financially.

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